Fields Of Regret : nel roster di Gio Smet Records

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La horrorpunk/metal band belga Fields Of Regret ha firmato un contratto con Gio Smet Records. I Fields Of Regret sono attualmente al lavoro su nuovo materiale.

La band ha dichiarato:

“After working for about two years in my cellar, writing songs for the deaf, Gio offered us the opportunity to make our next step. Coming out of our hole to play some gigs, and crawling back into it, to finish a new album.”

L’etichetta ha dichiarato:

“We are very excited to have Fields Of Regret under our label wings. We have been following the band and been in close contact with Filip Van Lysebeth for a while. So, we are overjoyed that we are on the same page regarding the future for this band, which looks very prosperous! Many great things are coming your way!”

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