Damnation Plan : online il video di ‘To The Sun’

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I progressive metaller finlandesi Damnation Plan hanno pubblicato il video di ‘To The Sun’, brano estratto dal nuovo album “The New Horizon”, uscito il 18 agosto su Inverse Records.

Il batterista / songwriter / lyricist / produttore Jarkko Lunnas ha detto del video:
“The last of the trilogy of music videos we shot in Iceland for this album. Thematically To The Sun is about humanity’s longing and desire to achieve and reach something grandiose. We have a desire to find a place and a meaning for our existence. It might be even so we have to leave our planet one day in our need to re-discover that meaning again. The song is also a kind of a continuation to the storyline of our last album Reality Illusion’s ending track ‘The Final Destination’ – taking you to the very moment when it’s time to abandon our planet in the endeavour to secure continuation for our species.”


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