Purification : disponibile in digitale il nuovo album “Elphinstone”

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La doom metal band americana Purification ha reso disponibile per il download digitale e l’ascolto in streaming il suo nuovo album “Elphinstone”. Lo trovate qui:


“All Hails To The Arm of Heaven, The Day of Elphinstone Has Finally Arrived…

The 5th full-length album, “Elphinstone”, is available now for digital download and streaming on Bandcamp.

The culmination of almost 2 years of doomed congress, the baleful echoes of the past and present mingle within the fetid air of foreboding incense and loadstone-heavy riffs.

Purification offers this double-LP for the same price as our single LPs, and humbly asks that you, our gnostic arm of heaven, to spread our new good word in and around our
little heavy metal community.

Deepest thanks for all those who have supported our mission thus far.
Our nightwatch never ends…

-Marshall William Purify



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