Ligature Marks : publicano il video di “Edge Of An Echo”

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Gli americani Ligature Marks hanno pubblicato il video di “Edge Of An Echo”, il loro ultimo singolo. La band ha dichiarato:

“With “Edge of an Echo” we tried to capture the idea of being present in the moments we fear, allowing ourselves to embrace the regrets and mistakes as they unfold. Finding strength in vulnerability and comfort in the reflections we’re sometimes destined to face. We took a lot of chances with this song, both musically and stylistically. This song took quite a while for all of the pieces to be shuffled into their respective ¬†places but I think we truly wrote something beautiful and genuine. The video for this tune is crazy good too, I think it represents and reflects the next evolution in the art of Ligature Marks. Thanks for giving it a listen, it means the world to us. Cheers!”¬†


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