Rivers Of Nihil : ascolta “Hellbirds, il nuovo singolo digitale

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I Rivers Of Nihil hanno pubblicato il loro nuovo singolo digitale “Hellbirds”. Potete ascoltarlo qui:

Il vocalist e bassista Adam Biggs ha detto del brano:
“‘Hellbirds’ is a song that was actually largely written during the sessions for The Work. We couldn’t find a place for the song on that album, but we knew it would see the light of day sometime because it’s easily one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written, and we’ve reworked it to display the raw power of the new lineup. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone you might consider a ‘typical’ person in this day and age; worn out, drug addicted, nihilistic and living in the wake of so many things he can’t control. It’s an anthem for people who hail from dead end towns like us.”


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