Egres : ascolta “Higher Beings”, il nuovo singolo

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La progressive metal band finlandese Egres ha pubblicato il suo nuovo singolo “Higher Beings”. Potete ascoltarlo qui:

Qui sotto il commento del bassista e compositore Pekka Virtanen:

“What a journey, both in terms of the song itself and its creation process. The initial demo for the song was born sometime in the early spring of 2021, around the same time that we were rehearsing the songs for our debut album. Back then, the song was a strong promise that there will be life after “Introspection”.

The making of “Higher Beings” was a very arduous process. At some point it felt like it just wouldn’t fall into place at all. There were moments when I temporarily lost hope, but thankfully, my bandmates and producer Mikko Aaltio brought the light back. “Higher Beings” is still, for me, that nightmarish rollercoaster that is scary but somehow keeps luring you back in, again and again. An incredible journey, every single time.

“Higher Beings” may potentially offer a glimpse of the band’s future direction and the diverse potential brewing within the group.”

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