Tomorrow’s Outlook : online il video del secondo singolo “Silver Ghost”

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I norvegesi Tomorrow’s Outlook hanno messo online il video del secondo singolo di “Silver Ghost”, brano estratto dal nuovo album “Black Waves” in uscita ad inizio 2024 su Sörvik Rock Music. Eccolo:

In the year 1905, Hanna was a hard-working northern Norwegian woman whose husband had tragically just passed away. She took on his duties as lightkeeper at Steglholmen near Gressholman, the old trade centre in Vågsfjorden south of Harstad. For more than 20 years she dutifully kept the light shining, guiding the ships safely past her post and on their way. The light was often exposed to the harshest of weather, but the job was an important one for more than one reason – the homestead they had bought when her beloved husband was still alive must be paid for, so the money was needed. 

The work was challenging, both physically and mentally. Crossing the dark, stormy sea in a small rowboat, that’s one thing. Another was the ever-present knowledge that once upon a time, this was the place of execution for three murderers whose remains were mounted on stakes and left there until time and nature had done away with them. As the black waves beat her boat and the wind howled at her light, she often glimpsed their horrific spectres beneath the foamy sea. But Hanna remained a brave and dutiful human, and she stood ever firm in the face of these trials.  

Oceans of Sadness
Black Hearts and Roses in Snow
Black Waves
Silver Ghost
Wait for the Sun
Lament of the Damned
When Falls the Axe
The Monument
The Calm (Aria cover)


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