Dust & Bones : svelano copertina e scaletta del nuovo album

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I Dust & Bones hanno svelato copertina e scaletta di “Mission Back To The Forbidden Planet”, nuovo album in uscita il 26 gennaio 2024 su El Puerto Records. La band ha detto della copertina:

“When we make music together, we feel like we’re on another, a very cool rock’n’roll planet. It’s been that way since the band was founded.
With album number 5, we are back on this planet… landed… check!”

01 – Mission start
02 – UR R’N’R
03 – Move
04 – Remedy
05 – Out on that road
06 – Feel good07 – Earth stood still today
08 – For all the good and the bad
09 – Electricity
10 – Planet 5
11 – People strange
12 – This is not the end


Dirk Ertelt, Guitars
Bernd Biedenbach, Guitars
Thorsten Klöpfer, Vocals, Bass
Sven Vöhri, Vocals
Jarle Boe, Drums

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