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Hello Helgrindur! I’m Vittorio Manzone, reviewer and writer for Heavymetalwebzine.it. and I would like to ask you some questions about the band and the new album “Helgrindur”!

You have been active since 2017 but I only discovered you today, 6 years after your recording debut “Von Einst”. Would you like to tell us your story?

I’am Alessandro (Alex) the drummer of Helgrindur and Yeah of course ! Our story in short: My Band mates and me are Fans of Pagan/Melodic/Black/Death metal for a long time .So we decided to start our own Band in late 2011. We released some Demos on 2013 (in Homestudio) and we were Touring around Germany, Austria, Switzerland in the underground scene since .That was before Social Media went so big :) at that time we didn’t had any Idea about the growing Social Media thing ..so we didn’t kept our Social sites “updated”. About 2017 we released our self-recorded Album “Von Einst” and played also many shows around Germany,Austria,Switzerland (still in the Underground scene ..still we didn’t used Social Media that much ).

Is there a reason why so many years passed before releasing the new “Helgrindur”?

Yes ! Because we coudn’t take the time to play live or to go to the studio (all of us where working in shift work) .We had to make a decision …and our decision was to play live. Since the big C came in ….then we had a little more time as usual. So we took the Time and worked on some ideas.

Do you have any bands that you consider a source of inspiration for your work?

There are so many of them! Just to name a few : Obscurity,Wolfchant,Behemoth,Belphegor,Slipknot,Misfits and the list goes on and on ….. ????

Let’s now address the album a little more specifically: what are the 10 songs that make it up about? Is there a common thread in the themes?

In our music we sing about some mystical tales/themes like “Golem “ or we sing about people who didn’t have respect about the nature and where the mystical Beast of the Forest make those invaders bleed for what they are doing ..like in our Song “ Herr des Waldes “ .

Compared to “Von Einst” I believe that “Helgrindur” is a more mature and well-constructed album. From your point of view, what are the main differences between the two?

First we had more Time for the Writing . Then We went in an Professional Studio ( 4cn ) where other big bands like Kreator made some Albums . We had more Money to spend on our equipment and had also more time to know /learn about what were doing musically and about the new Gear and Possibility’s we have now. Also we took an Artist for the Cover Artwork (KHS-Illustrations ) …in the past I did it all on my own for shirts and some Merchandise and had like -10 Photoshop Skills : ) .


The cover is very suggestive and shows a druidic figure preparing to cross a very… characteristic gate! Does it represent something specific and who created it?

Yes ! and thank you ! the Cover was made by KHS-Illustrations (a One-Girl Army in Design :) We wanted to take the “Helgrindur” (wich is in a Mythology a mystic Gate to the Dead land from the Godess “Hel” ) as an Monster like Entry where travelers doesn’t have it so much easy to go through it .They have to be sure to enter that Gate of Hel .Cause they don’t now what they wish for : )

My favorite song is “Golem” for the power it communicates and for the vocal performance of the singer Beast, truly convincing and heartfelt. What are your favorite songs from “Helgrindur”

Thank you ! I like them all ; ) For me as an Drummer …its more like what do I like to play …for now its “Helgrindur “…but it changes every time .

The genre you play is Pagan Metal, where both Black Metal and Melodic Death Metal influences can be felt. What do you think are the characteristics that distinguish you compared to other bands similar to you?

Our Fans are just from all Metal Genres …they say to /about us “we make a good mix between some “extreme Stuff or traditional stuff . So I think we make/made a good mix of some perhaps undergrounded Metal Genres and keep the audience together.

Have you already presented the new songs live? What type of audience comes to attend your shows?

Yes ! we played our Release show at the Turock Fest (with Sodom,Death Angel,Obscurity and many more ) we also have a little Release Tour to come. The Audience is completely mixed from all genres and ages and that’s great for us!

In terms of reception from fans and critics, how do you think “Helgrindur” is doing in the days following its release?

For now the most of the reviews and Live reactions of the audience are good, so most of the people do like the album. It’s an honor for us to see how the Crowd/audience is getting bigger and bigger every time we play! That’s Awesome and we are really grateful for that! \m/

Are you already working on new songs or do you plan to focus on taking “Helgrindur” around Europe?

We are working on new material but were are looking to play more Shows in or around Germany ..perhaps Italy /Spain . So if you know some cool Venues or perhaps an Booking Agency feel free to contact us ! : )

How does the Pagan metal scene fit into the German Metal context? Is it alive or is it a niche genre with little participation?


Recommend some bands from your area that you think are worthy of attention.

Just to name a few that we already have some Features with ; ) : Obscurity,Wolfchant,Morbus Mind

Free space: greetings, insults, thanks and everything you want!

Thank you for this Interview! Sorry for my bad English! Go to Concerts / Festivals and of course buy some Merch of your favorite Band to Support them :)

Just a quick reminder of our merch: https://helgrindur.bandcamp.com/merch

We need every support in the Metalscene!

Stay Healthy, Stay Metal

Grazie : )

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