Carnivorous Forest : in uscita “Dogs And Devils”, il nuovo album

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La blackened death metal band Carnivorous Forest ha pubblicato il suo nuovo album “Dogs And Devils” il 24 novembre. Amarok, la mente dietro ai Carnivorous Forest, ha detto dell’album:

“This album intermingles death metal, black metal, doom metal, goth rock, thrash metal, grindcore, and even touches of synthpop. It’s undoubtedly our most experimental work.”

1. Howl of the Chainsaw
2. Scarlet Insanity
3. Fox Fangs Flash
4. Ice Up My Spine
5. To Be Remorseless
6. Razed and Ruined
7. Cold Steel, Colder Heart
8. Marionettes Begat From Human Flesh
9. Condemned to Wander the Endless Halls of Madness for All Eternity
10. Damned in Darkness
11. When Bullets Fall Like Burning Rain
12. Controller

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