The Obsessed : nuovo brano in streaming

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I The Obsessed hanno reso disponibile per l’ascolto in streaming “Stoned Back To The Bomb Age”, brano estratto dall’album “Gilded Sorrow” in uscita il 16 febbraio 2024 su Ripple Music. Il frontman Scott “Wino” Weinrich ha detto del brano:

There was a time when I listened to a lot of daytime radio to take the edge off an extremely mundane lifestyle. George W. Bush was president and the USA had started the Afghanistan war. One day, I heard Deputy Secretary of Defense Armitage say: “If Pakistan gets involved in this, we will bomb them back to the stone age.” I was struck by the callous brutality of this statement, and we crafted “Stoned Back to the Bomb Age” in a straightforward fukk you to these inhuman war pigs and the other unelected swine that run the world and are plotting humanities demise as you read this!



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