Witherfall : annunciano il nuovo album, pubblicato il nuovo singolo

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La dark melodic metal band americana Witherfall annuncia che il suo nuovo album “Sounds Of The Forgotten” uscirà il 31 maggio 2024 su DeathWave Records. Più in basso trovate scaletta e copertina.

Il frontman/songwriter Joseph Michael ha dichiarato:

“We found ourselves writing really depressing, melancholy songs about how just disappointed we were with all the work we put into Curse of Autumn and then going through the pandemic, before that, we thought nothing was going to stop us. Then, something did. We felt a bit defeated. So, that’s how Sounds Of The Forgotten started. But we got out of that quickly. The songs we ended up writing were empowering. We have songs with negative emotions, but the overarching theme is moving forward and perseverance. That’s the epitome of Sounds Of The Forgotten.”

Inoltre, la band ha pubblicato il nuovo singolo “Ceremony Of Fire”, che ha così presentato:

“Ceremony of Fire is quintessential Witherfall, this song features elements that are cornerstones of the Witherfall sonic landscape from dark haunting hooks, to eclectic musical twist and turns. For the fans of our debut album Nocturnes And Requiems you will be very pleased with this. The Video is a great representation of the lyrical theme. Filmed in part inside the ritual chamber at The Crooked Path in Burbank California, the video represents the harsh realities of the artists path.”

1. They Will Let You Down
2. Where Do I Begin
3. A Lonely Path
4. Insidious
5. Ceremony Of Fire
6. Sounds Of The Forgotten
7. Aftermath
8. When It All Falls Away
9. Opulent
10. What Have You Done

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