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“Everything Is Temporary”, il nuovo album degli scozzesi Atlas : Empire, è uscito il 31 marzo 2023 su Wormholedeath Records/The Orchard. Qui sotto trovate il video del brano “God Is In The Rain”, più in basso scaletta e copertina.

Jamie Sturt ha dichiarato:

“God Is In The Rain’ is a song that might’ve never been finished – it sat for almost 18 months in an incomplete form, but the song just wouldn’t let me go. Ultimately, it’s a song about finding who I was in the world, after walking away from faith in a god I had known my whole life.
Our videographer, Callum McMillan, brought this to life through shooting, grading, location, and aspect ratio changes, to convey this shift in worldview. Finally ending up in a large, well-lit room without the projections and overlays, to evoke the feeling of being freed from the things that hold us back.”

1. Saṃsāra
2. Future Ghosts
3. Former Lives
4. Resurrector
5. Gone But Forgotten
6. Last Will & Testament
7. Everything Is Temporary
8. Inheritance
9. Impermanence
10. Grey Havens
11. God Is In The Rain
12. It Breaks You


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