Titolo: Hilo Negro
Autore: Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba
Nazione: Spain
Genere: Rock, Alternative, Flamenco
Anno: 2021
Etichetta: Primavera Labels, Universal


Dandy Piranha – vocals
Bacca – guitar
Gringo – guitar
Soni – bass
Papi Pachuli – drums
Machete Carrasco


1 El Valle
2 Porselana Teeth
3 13 Monos
5 Gitana
6 Somnium Igni – Pt. 2
7 Turbocamello
8 Caño Cojo
9 Dámela
10 La Cueva

Voto del redattore HMW: 8/10

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American frontier rock attacks with strings that surge in Psychedelic Stoner, the distorted guitar becomes clear in an arabesque arpeggio. It’s the prelude anticipating the voice that intones a crystalline flamenco.

The vocal parables echo over Seville in progression with the strings and synthesizer. The drum slows, cadencing the laments in preparation for new Gypsy virtuosity; the guitar gives way, leaving the bass and drums to march under the vocal line that twists in continuous tonal changes.

Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba (DMBK) mesmerize with the ancient charm of the Andalusian sultanate hypnotized by the psychedelia of hallucinogenic rock, an original sound from many Iberian bands, often touched but never reached with such originality. No Spanish or American rock band sounds as freshly modern as DMBK, traditionally authentic in every influence of theirs but never derivative.

It doesn’t matter whether we consider the rock track “El Valle,” the Andalusian “Turbocamello,” the folk “Gitana,” or the psychedelic “La Cueva”; everything sounds like the musical contamination of this band.

DMBK is a truly unique group, blending various styles that draw inspiration from the pioneers of Andalusian rock, such as “Triana,” and flamenco artists like “Lole y Manuel,” who significantly contributed to the popularization of flamenco.

But Furthermore, DMBK incorporates elements of blues rock, as evident in tracks like “Porselana Teeth,” and explores psychedelia and progressive rock in compositions like “Somnium Igni Pt 2.” Ultimately, DMBK charts its own course, unintentionally weaving together this diverse range of influences into a musical melting pot that establishes its distinctive identity.

The album’s graphics perfectly capture this mood. An occult and primordial eye trapped in mystical tarot, populated by atavistic deities from precolonial Central America, dominates the Andalusian mountains under a hallucinogenic sky. In the pupil, the sacred volcano is an exhaust pipe and an organic apparatus.

Paradoxically, despite the difficulty in describing this album, DMBK’s layered music is immediate and clean, immune to the overly ornate virtuosity of Progressive.

A masterful work.


Thanks to Roberto Fouces for suggesting me this album and his help writing this text.

See you soon in Léon buddy!

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