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La heavy metal band cilena Dolezall ha pubblicato il nuovo studio album “Dark Tales From Medieval Times” in digitale il 29 novembre, mentre una versione in vinile uscirà entro fine anno. il batterista e leader della band Carlos Dolezal ha detto del disco:

“The Middle Ages is a period that has always intrigued me, as it was full of interesting nuances and contrasts: lights and shadows, good and evil, the presence of God and the Devil; they systematically alternated in society, as can be seen in many artistic representations of the time. The musical composition kept a close parallel with the development of the themes of each of the songs and, whem listening to them, it is possible to go back in time and perceive that dark, evil and belligerent -but also very spiritual- atmosphere.”

1. Scourge of God
2. The Oaken Shields
3. Heir of the Cross
4. The Witch
5. Purification of Sin
6. The Irruption of Evil
7. The Covenant
8. The Possession
9. The Black Plague
10. The Bloodbath Feast
11. Forest of the Impaled
12. Dracula: The Beginning of the Myth


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