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Gli Emergency Rule annunciano di aver firmato un accordo con la Wormholedeath, che ne pubblicherĂ  il primo album The King Of Ithaca il 9 febbraio 2024. Il gruppo ha diffuso questo comunicato:

“We are absolutely stoked to be joining the WormholeDeath family, our debut album ‘The King of Ithaca’ is the culmination of numerous recording sessions completed throughout Covid lockdowns. It comprises riff-laden songs we have honed live on stage over the course of several years, and Jarrad Nettle (Co-Producer, Engineer) has managed to perfectly capture the sound and energy of our live shows in a studio environment.
With lyrical themes of corporate greed, revenge, heartache, domestic violence, drug addiction, death, mental health, religion, and regret, this album truly is a reflection of the world and a sign of the times we live in.
We can’t wait for everyone to hear “The King of Ithaca”, and we are thrilled to be partnering with WormholeDeath to deliver it to the masses.”

Ecco il video del brano “Garden”:

1. The Hook
2. Garden
3. Bartender
4. Something To Say
5. Abuse
6. Corporation
7. From The Grave
8. Ulysses

Spotify: tinyurl.com/SpotifyEmergencyRule

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