Disconnected Souls : la cover di “Last Christmas”

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I Disconnected Soul hanno pubblicato la loro versione di “Last Christmas”, classico dei Wham!. Potete ascoltarla nel video che trovate qui:


Fletch, il leader, ha dichiarato:

“If you’ve followed DS for any length of time, you’ll probably know that we love doing reinterpretations of Christmas classics, and therefore it was kinda inevitable that at some point we would find ourselves faced with ‘Last Christmas’. To be brutally honest, none of us are big fans of the original! However, we wanted to see what we could do with it and were particularly keen to make one of our friends happy (who had been repeatedly suggesting it). We ended up staying surprisingly accurate to the original music, but focussed on vocal FX / reducing the tempo and adding some more melancholy instrumentation. As always we hope you enjoy and happy holidays!”



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