Doomraiser : cover di “Procreation Of The Wicked” dal tributo ai Celtic Frost

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L’etichetta italiana Time To Kill Records publicherà “Mesmerized – A Tribute to Celtic Frost” il 26 gennaio 2024. Su “Mesmerized” diverse band italiane presenteranno le loro interpretazioni dei brani della band svizzera. Oggi i Doomraiser pubblicano la loro cover di “Procreation of the Wicked”:

“When Alberto asked us to join the project we were very happy and enthusiastic. Celtic Frost have always been an important point of reference for us, we grew up with their records and we believe that they were not only the incipit of a certain type of extreme metal, which has taken shape over the decades, but they were true musical and conceptual icons, as well as a source of inexhaustible inspiration for many acts.
Records such as ‘To Mega Therion’ and even more so ‘Into The Pandemonium’ can still be considered modern and unique works as a whole, representing true manifestos of a certain type of avant-garde, as well as obviously being metal classics in general.
We chose to perform and reinterpret ‘Procreation of the Wicked’, a simple and direct tune, with heavy pace and a morbid and primordial halo; all these elements would have made a perfect match with our style.
We took our time in reinterpreting and deconstructing it, turning it into a real Doomraiser tune.
We kept the initial riffing in the beginning of the song, then we moved ahead renewing and reinterpreting the vocals completely, stripping down the verses while enriching the choruses, slowing everything down to our trademark songwriting style, considerably alterating the performance of the final section. We played a lot with it, anyway, making the most out of the timing suspensions and the renewed interpretation of vocal lines.
It has been a pleasant experiment that tickled our fantasy and enrichened our creativity.
We would like to thank Alberto Penzin who wanted us to participate in this project, our label Time To Kill Records and all the bands featured in the compilation.


Barbarian – A Kiss or a Whisper
Bunker 66 – Juices Like Wine
CO2 – I Won’t Dance
Doomraiser – Procreation of the Wicked
Kryptonomicon – Morbid Tales
Necrodeath – Necromantical Screams

Time To Kill Records

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