Chocobo Band : video del nuovo singolo

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La Symphonic Progressive Metal band ispirata alla saga di Final Fantasy, Chocobo Band, pubblica l’ultima cover prima di rilasciare il nuovo album di riarrangiamenti inediti, la cui uscita √® prevista nei primi mesi del 2024.

“Here we are with one last cover, just before starting a new journey with you, created with our very personal reinterpretations of Nobuo Uematsu’s work.
“Hollow” is a deep and beautiful song that marks the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake; each of us fell in love with it so much that we decided to release it as a single to bring it to the stage.
Dear 2023, with this we bid you farewell: this year has been full and challenging but the next one will be a fairy tale.
Thank you all for your love and support, we will definitely meet in 2024 to play the new album!”


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