Xephyr : nuovo lyric video online

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Gli hard rockers canadesi Xephyr annunciano che il loro nuovo album “No Signal” è uscito il 12 gennaio 2024. Qui sotto potete vedere il lyric video del nuovo singolo “The Disparation”.

La band ha detto del nuovo singolo:

“[Written by Jacob Stellato] this one talks about his long-standing distrust of authority, and the growing realization that billionaires and politicians are rigging the system to keep the masses down and separated. It’s a cry out to want more from life that seems built from the start to fail by design. Musically, he took a lot of inspiration from RISE AGAINST for this track.”

Shot In The Head
Wanted You To Know
I’m Here For Blood
Figured You Out
The Disparation
Morning Sun-Callahan
Goodbye To Love
Worlds Go Dark
Back For Good
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