Black Absinthe : ascolta “Jean Lanfray”, il nuovo singolo

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I canadesi Black Absinthe hanno pubblicato il singolo “Jean Lanfray”, brano estratto dal nuovo album “On Earth Or In Hell” in uscita il 27 marzo 2024. Potete ascoltare il pezzo qui:

La band ha dichiarato:

“When exploring concepts and stories relating to Absinthe, we came across the story of Jean Lanfray; who, after a day of excessive drinking, murdered his wife and children. Despite consuming a variety of liquors, it was his consumption of Absinthe that scandalized the public. The murders and subsequent trial kicked off a temperance movement that would see the sale and production of Absinthe banned in most European countries,” the band reflects. “The band uses the story to depict the denial ever present in an alcoholic mind. ‘Jean Lanfray’ works to depict a narrator pathetically denying the reality he has caused and showing the depraved actions a man can take when gripped with alcohol addiction.”

Ecco scaletta e copertina di “On Earth Or In Hell”:

1. Dead Queen
2. Nobody Knows
3. Jean Lanfray
4. Call of the Void
5. On Earth or In Hell
6. The Hard Way
7. Essentially Fucked
8. Twisted Past


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