Per Wiberg : pubblicato il nuovo singolo “Follow The Unknown”

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Il musicista svedese Per Wiberg ha pubblicato il nuovo singolo “Follow The Unknown”. Il brano è estratto dal nuovo album “The Serpent’s Here” in uscita il 15 marzo attraverso Despotz Records.Potete ascoltare il brano qui:

Per Wiberg ha detto del singolo:

“Follow The Unknown is the last song on the album and puts an end to a loose story that started with Head Without Eyes in 2019, the last piece of the puzzle so to speak. Musically it’s heavy, doomy and out there with a cool live in the studio feel. The melodic vocals lead the song with kind of a singer songwriter vibe but instead of the traditional Americana backdrop picture something along the lines of Melvins jamming with Pink Floyd and Motorpsycho.  Once again a top notch creative mix by Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge that endorse the wild playing by Tor Sjödén on drums and Mikael Tuominen on bass, enjoy!”



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