Chaska : nuovo EP a maggio, video del primo singolo online

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La metal band peruviana Chaska pubblicherà il suo nuovo EP ‘Rites of June’ il 05 maggio su Inverse Records. Il video del primo singolo “Nymph of the Lake” è disponibile qui:

Il chitarrista e cantante Hueso Raffo ha detto:
“Nymph of the Lake is a song inspired, in some way, by Lake Titicaca; for something of its mystery and its beauty. With this song an attempt was made to portray or create a fable or legend scenario. This song creates a watery and nocturnal environment, which evokes a certain feeling of intimacy. Another of its main characteristics is fiction. Its atmosphere surrounds two characters, male and female. The male character, within a dream or some kind of astral projection, tries to attenuate the loneliness of his soul. While the female character appears to fulfill or satisfy the wishes of the other one. Finally, both characters merge into a kind of astral travel to another dimension, or it could even be some kind of abduction, whose outcome becomes the departure of both characters to another reality out of this world we know.”

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