Malphas : accordo con M-Theory Audio, video del nuovo singolo online

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La melodic death metal band americana Malphas ha firmato con M-Theory Audio per la pubblicazione del nuovo album “Portal”, prevista per il 29 marzo. Il video del primo singolo “Red Shield Syndicate” รจ disponibile qui:

In merito alla firma, il cantante/chitarrista Paul DeSanctis ha dichiarato:

“MALPHAS is honored and excited to join such a talented roster and world class team at M-Theory, We’ve worked hard on this new album for the past few years, are thankful to have found a home for it and have great confidence in what we will accomplish through our partnership.”

  1. The Wizard’s Portal
  2. Fiat Empire
  3. Novus Ordo Seclorum
  4. Red Shield Syndicate
  5. Candle Hands
  6. Shadow and Blood on Jekyll Isle
  7. Leviathan’s Moonlit Sanctum
  8. Pale Eyes to Snowy Skies
  9. Atonement
  10. Man, Raven and the Portal

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