Arthouse Fatso : debut album con Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions pubblicherà “Sycophantic Seizures: A Double Feature”, debut album della cinematic deathgrinding band tedesca Arthouse Fatso, l’8 marzo in CD e digitale. Il singolo “Endless Trash” può essere ascoltato qui:

1. Kenosha
2. Suburban Suffocation
3. Scandinavian Delicacies
4. Greta’s Curse
5. A Message To Ben (And His Lovely Sister Abby)
6. Traumatised Lesbians (The Liberal Bias)
7. Endless Trash
8. Merseburg Manuscript Containing Magical Manifestations Of The Monument To Massaive Mammaries And The Misaligned Maidens Who Maintain Their Milken Magnificence (Suffocated To The Flesh That We Desire)
10. Arthouse Fatso (Theme From)
11. The Royal Adventures Of Andy And Jeff
12. A Limerick
13. Sycophantic Seizures
14. Famous And Unfunny
15. Imperialist! Dream Burst!
16. Tweets Of The Sane
17. Ronda

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