Hamferð : guarda il video di “Hvølja”, il nuovo singolo

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La death/doom band Hamferð, proveniente dalle isole Far Oer, pubblicherà il suo nuovo album “Men Guðs hond er sterk” il 22 marzo su Metal Blade Records. I preordini sono attivi qui:


Qui sotto potete vedere il video del singolo “Hvølja”:

Il chitarrista Theodor Kapnas ha detto del brano:

Hvølja” (Whaleskin), a sluggish sludge crawl with a beautifully disgusting tone. “I had a big fascination with making stuff rougher, dirtier and uglier,” affirms Kapnas. “Musically it’s all about tension; suspended chords and tense harmonies, always having that feeling of uncertainty. That song is maybe my favorite track on the record, just because it’s so uncompromising. Everything goes to 11.
‘Hvølja’ is also the darkest and ugliest song we have written to date,” he continues. “It is a sonic and lyrical representation of the world being violently ripped apart by monstrous currents and consumed by a black sky above.”

01. Ábær
02. Rikin
03. Marrusorg
04. Glæman
05. Í hamferð
06. Fendreygar
07. Hvølja
08. Men Guðs hond er sterk


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