Koitos : pubblicato “Kaaostila”, il nuovo singolo

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La metal band finlandese Koitos ha pubblicato il nuovo singolo “Kaaostila”, brano estratto dal debut album di prossima uscita. Lo trovate qui:


Il cantante Matti Hiitti ha detto del brano

“Humans are creative on building emotional voids around themselves and others, creating confusion, chaos, isolation and anxiety. In those voids and insecurity, in turn, lies its own breeding ground for false ideas and also the potential for the wider dissemination of violent and distorted ideology. And in humanity, unfortunately, there is always someone who can exploit and fill this vacuum. This song deals with this situation through the observations of an individual from the outside”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koitosofficial/?hl=fi

Facebook: https://fi-fi.facebook.com/koitos/

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