Casus Belli : nel roster di Art Gates Records

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Art Gates Records annuncia di aver messo sotto contratto la power metal band spagnola Casus Belli.

Iván Magdalena, CEO di Art Gates Records, ha detto:

The first time I listened to the band, I was enchanted with the versatility and grit of their compositions. If we then add the fact that Pacho Brea is at the front, this combo can’t fail in their conquest of the Heavy Metal scene. Anxious for the future of this promising band“.

La band ha dichiarato:

“Casus Belli starts during the season of pandemic confinement, more than as a band, as a musical project in which Diego and myself, surrounded ourselves with several friends who lent their voice to edit the first LP, “Ad Calendas Graecas”, as singers of the stature of José Andrëa (mago de oz, uroboros…) Isra Ramos (Avalanch) Tete Novoa (Saratoga) or Henning Basse (Metalium) among others…. ) Isra Ramos (Avalanch) Tete Novoa (Saratoga) or Henning Basse (Metalium) among others… As the music industry is not what it used to be and these are also other times, even with this line-up and without means, it is very complicated to be known. So for us it is a great opportunity to be able to give that push that we are missing thanks to AGR, a label that has the endorsement of many refuted bands that are managing to make the niche they deserve in the world of national and international rock. It remains to say that we start this new stage with a terrible illusion and expectations placed in this platform of push, that is AGR, which can give us a step to a new level in the career of the music industry.”



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