Midnightmares : online il nuovo singolo “Shadow People”

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Il duo symphonic/gothic metal belga/messicano Midnightmares ha pubblicato il nuovo singolo e lyric video “Shadow People”. Eccolo:

La band ha dichiarato:

“The song is about that feeling most people experience sometimes, when seeing “something” out of the corner of their eye, a shadowy figure. However, when you turn to see it directly, there’s nothing there. Some call this phenomenon “Shadow People”. The lyrics tell the story about the point of view of someone who, after seeing the “shadow people” for a long time, finally gets trapped in a labyrinthine nightmare with them. We are absolutely overjoyed with the final result. Music and lyrics completes each other so well on this song. We believe each song should tell a fascinating and captivating story. “Shadow People” is a true example of that.”


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