Artillery – Michael Stützer is Raw Live

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Artillery – Michael Stützer is Raw Live

The relationship of HeavyMetalWebzine with Michael Stützer‘s Artillery is not just a youthful infatuation, but a love affair of over twenty years that has captivated us from day one.

Over a decade ago, our site published the first online content about them, and since then we have followed them every step of the way, from mourning the untimely passing of Morten to the most recent review and interview for the album X.

To understand the affection we have for this band, our editor-in-chief, Ivan, aware of being intoxicated by blind love, had to compel (bully?) Paolo “PaulThrash” Porro to play the bad cop to obtain a counterpart in this review.

A new album by Artillery has been released, “Raw Live“! (Target Records, available HERE)

Artillery – Raw Live LP

The authors hide in fears to avoid being forced to disown Artillery before the cock crows.
The only solution: we ourselves do a “Raw Live”. Instead of playing the bad cop and the good cop, we put the perpetrator in front of the camera and let him speak.

We invite you to the table to have a drink with us. No filters, no special effects, no reduction of background noise from the Zeppelin Rock Bar, no editing on Michael, just a few notes and references below.

Join us at our table at the Metal bar and partake our cheering!



Our notes

Introducing Copenhell 2023, the strange choice of Mercyful Fate not to include the historic guitarist Michael Denner (Denner Inferno) in the band’s reunion lineup is mentioned.

In the lineup, we note Michael Bastholm, who recently left the band for personal reasons, and drummer Joshua Lander, who died in an accident just days after the Copenhell concert. This LP is dedicated to him.

At 06:43 minutes, we introduce Søren Andersen, guitarist and producer, whom we interviewed HERE. Søren will return later in the interview as the producer of X (2021).

Telling the story of Artillery, we introduce Sweet Silence Studio and Flemming Rasmussen, which produced Artillery’s “By Inheritance” at the same time as Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning” and “Master of Puppets.”

At 16:43 minutes, we mention the CD edition containing 2 extra tracks not included in the vinyl LP, and I take this opportunity to book from my music pushers Nicolaj and Peter (, whom I thank for helping me prepare this interview.

During Artillery’s long hiatus in the ’90s, Michael played in the band Missing Link. Speaking of Thrash metal, I can’t resist sending a shout-out to ‘bro Kenneth of the Impalers, and now in Archangel, with whom we toasted HERE.

We continue with the latest studio album “X,” recorded at Søren Andersen’s Medley Studios.

The Metal bar friends continue freely discussing tours, the hit “Khomaniac” and what’s to come.

We are safe, no one had to play the bad cop with Artillery.


Raw Live (2024) Tracklist

The Devil’s Symphony

By Inheritance

Turn Up The Rage (Only on CD and Digital versions)

The Face Of Fear

Bombfood (Only on CD and Digital versions)

The Challenge

In Thrash We Trust

10.000 Devils



Terror Squad



Voice – Michael Bastholm Dahl

Guitar – Michael Stützer

*Guitar – Kræn Meier

*Bass – Peter Thorslund

*Drum – Josua Madsen

* Members in the recording but not anymore in the current touring line-up


Mixed By – Søren Andersen

Engineer [Sound Engineer] – Bo Lund

Layout, Artwork – Rafael Barros (5)

Recorded By – Rasmus Toftlund

Label – Mighty Music

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