Corpus Diavolis : secondo singolo da “Elixiria Ekstasis”

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La occult black metal band CORPUS DIAVOLIS ha pubblicato il suo nuovo album “Elixiria Ekstasis” il 15 marzo su Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions.

I preordini sono aperti qui:

La band ha presentato l’album con queste parole:

“The quintessence of this work is drawn from the divine feminine sexuality, the liberated woman as a initiatress, in Mystical Union with Chaos. She raises high her Chalice and offers her blood, the Elixir of Ecstasy. Bestiality, pushed to the limit, manifests itself in its pure glory, then metamorphoses into psychedelic layers of ambience, progressive low frequencies and sacerdotal chants, to form the scrolls on which are inscribed the visions and complex formulas of a Satanic Charnel Esotericism.”

Qui sotto potete ascoltare il secondo singolo “Key to Luciferian Joy”:

1 – His Wine Be Death

2 – Key To Luciferian Joy

3 – Carnal Hymnody

4 – Cyclopean Adoration

5 – Vessel Of Abysmal Luxury

6 – The Golden Chamber

7 – Menstruum Congressus

8 – Enfleshed In Silence

9 – Chalice of Fornication



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