War Curse : annunciato il nuovo chitarrista

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Gli americani War Curse annunciano l’ingresso nella band del chitarrista Edward Escamilla (Reign), in sostituzione del defezionario Joshua Murphy. Il chitarrista Justin Roth ha dichiarato:

“It’s on the best of terms that we thank Joshua Murphy for ten years of commitment and for his invaluable contributions to WAR CURSE. Murphy is truly like a brother to me. We’ve played in bands together for the last 20 years, spent holidays with each others’ families, and driven each other up a wall on occasion, as brothers do. I speak for all of us when I say that we’ll miss his shenanigans. But as they say, the show must go on.”

We had conversations with a few guitarists, but ultimately Ed was our first choice. We were stoked when he accepted our offer to join. The dude absolutely rips, and more importantly, we like him as a person. Talent matters, but so does liking the people you’re going to be stuck in a van with. We’re optimistic about the band’s future and embracing the change.”

We’ve wasted no time getting new music ready to record. I’ve been demo recording new material nonstop since the week after Confession was handed in. I truly believe that I’m writing the best material of my career right now. We tried some new things on Confession. I really like some of it. Some of it will never be revisited. We’re constantly evolving. Some of the new stuff is heavier than hell. Heavier than I ever saw us going with WAR CURSE. It’s a lot of fun. But we’re always working. We’re a band that’s laser-focused on the future.”


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