Among These Ashes : pubblicano la cover di “Restless Gypsy” dei W.A.S.P.

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I melodic power thrashers americani Among These Ashes hanno pubblicato la loro cover di “Restless Gypsy” dei W.A.S.P. sulle maggiori piattaforme streaming:

Il chitarrista Richard Clark ha pubblicato il seguente comunicato in merito alla cover:

“W.A.S.P. embodies so much of what I love about metal, and at that band’s core has always been masterful, memorable songwriting. Restless Gypsy has long resonated with me as a great song, and JP [Abboud] and I have been discussing covering this track since we started this band in 2020. We’ve slightly reconfigured a few of the riffs to put our stamp on the song while prioritizing staying true to the original recording. Matt Ries from Traveler gave us an awesome guest solo on it. Also, Matt Roach gave us an excellent mix and master that perfectly captures the atmospheric elements of the 1980s recording. We intentionally dropped this cover so that we could make a content release prior to the release of our second album. The new album is completely tracked, and we expect to drop it in summer 2024.”

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