Malphas : online il video del secondo singolo

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La melodic death metal band americana Malphas pubblicherà il nuovo album “Portal” il 29 marzo con M-Theory Audio. Il video del secondo singolo “Leviathan’s Moonlit Sanctum” è disponibile qui:

Il cantante/chitarrista Paul DeSanctis ha detto:

“‘Leviathan’ marks the point in the story where MALPHAS returns to the real world. He and his demons murder the power elite figures on the island, but then travel to a nearby village and subjugate the people there, the main character has a vision where he sees a demonic totalitarian government on the other side of the portal; he realizes he’s left the door wide open for them to take over.”

  1. The Wizard’s Portal
  2. Fiat Empire
  3. Novus Ordo Seclorum
  4. Red Shield Syndicate
  5. Candle Hands
  6. Shadow and Blood on Jekyll Isle
  7. Leviathan’s Moonlit Sanctum
  8. Pale Eyes to Snowy Skies
  9. Atonement
  10. Man, Raven and the Portal

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