Vintersea : online il video di “Devil’s Churn”

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La progressive/black metal band americana Vintersea ha pubblicato il quinto video di un brano estratto dall’album “Woven Into Ashes”. La canzone si intitola “Devil’s Churn”, ecco il video:

Il bassista Karl Whinnery ha detto:

As soon as the album dropped, we knew ‘Devil’s Churn’ was an instant fan favorite. Jeremy’s crazy drumming, combined with Jorma’s nasty riffing, kicks the song off in a brutal fashion before we pull the rug out and switch to Avienne’s hauntingly beautiful chorus.
The video for ‘Devil’s Churn’ needed to capture the brutal energy of the song and showcase melancholic beauty all at the same time. What better place to capture some of Oregon’s beauty than at the wreck of the Peter Iredale? Its skeletal frame drops hints of what’s to come… ‘Devil’s Churn’ lures you in, and then you’re ours. Forever.

Il chitarrista Riley Nix ha aggiunto:

‘Devil’s Churn’ is a beast of a song – one that always generates huge energy and impassioned responses when we perform it live, it hits hard and fast from the first note and only lets up to take your breath away with a melodic and atmospheric moment. The heaviest and nastiest song on Woven Into Ashes needed a nasty video, and Karl really delivered with some incredible footage of Oregon paired with high-energy band shots.



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