Motorsav: Dødsløse Nætter, the opening of a new chapter

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Motorsav: Dødsløse Nætter, the opening of a new chapter

For Motorsav, the time has come for a radical change to carry forward their innovation in the Danish post-punk scene. I had just finished drafting the article on singer Rune‘s latest production, All Hell Breaks Loose“, when an unexpected announcement appeared in my feed:

  • A new LP by Motorsav will be released soon.
  • The current lineup of Motorsav has disbanded.
  • A date for Motorsav’s last concert with the current lineup.

After a few days, the LP Dødsløse Nætter (Undead Nights) is released, a clear signal that this work intends to close an important chapter in Motorsav’s history.

The album is now available on streaming platforms, in electronic format on Bandcamp, and on vinyl at Elektriske Plader.


Motorosav – Dødsløse Nætter, LP

The album features tracks from Motorsav’s debut 12″ inches, songs from the EP Den Gule Død (The Yellow Death), a track from Rune’s previous band, Torpedo Zombies (“Violent Death”), and finally, two unreleased covers, respectively from Divine (“You think you’re a Man”) and Devo (“Girl U Want”). The sound is no longer the raw punk of Motorsav’s early works but is now matured and reworked by a band that has gained experience; ample space is given to the skills of the current band members, with Kasper‘s guitar being prominent in these new versions. This work serves to complete the first cycle of Motorsav, adding rielaborated tracks from previous LPs to those of the EPs and unreleased recordings.

It’s not a farewell but rather the closure of a chapter. The story of Motorsav will continue with Rune and Stina (synth, bass), while other band members will dedicate themselves to their own projects, including Hævner, Metro Cult, Echo People and St. Digue.

Our Interview

We don’t like the mournful laments of a funeral wake; we want to bring something more meaningful to life. So, we take the camera and reach Rune at the concert to pay tribute to the last performance of this lineup and to tell the world of Motorsav through Rune’s films and words.

We find ourselves backstage at Basement CPH during the soundcheck, and around us, artists are preparing for the show. Chaos, energy, and strange blue lights create the perfect environment for an interview in pure punk style.



We start by presenting the new work Dødsløse Nætter and discussing the lineup change.  We briefly comment on the opening track of Motorsav (S/T), Asfalten Bløder (The Asphalt Bleeds). We also connect Motorsav to The Misfits and Rune’s recent work, All Hell Breaks Loose“.

Done with the introduction, we are ready to discuss Rune’s faourite picks, here you go!


Den Gule Død – The Nerve Gas

Den Gule Død” was originally released as an EP and is now remastered in “Dødsløse Nætter”. The theme of the song is horror at the suffering caused by chemical attacks, as with nerve gas or chlorine, and inspired by the events of the world wars.


Motorosav- Den Gule Død, EP


Bløder Ud – No One Can Hear You Scream

 “Bløder Ud was part of the first 12-inch, now re-recorded in a new version in “Dødsløse Nætter“. This song imagines two hidden victims bleeding out from their wounds. They would like to scream, but they can only seek comfort in their hiding place, while their assailants call out to them with screams. We like to imagine the cold empty space of Alien or the dark corridors of Alien III.


Alien – In space no one can hear you scream


Din Krop – Human Sacrifice in Stephen King’s “Night Surf”

The song Din Krop is part of the LP Respiratordrømme and is not part of the new work. This song is based on Stephen King’s short story Night Surf“, which also inspired a short movie. The theme of survival and the destruction of civilization also connects to Golding’s “Lord of the Flies“.


Stephen King – Night Surf, short movie poster (2001)


??? – Threads

Rune surprises us by choosing the film Threads (1984) to summarize Motorsav’s imagery and discuss his current inspiration. Motorsav has always focused on people and individual suffering rather than events themselves, and existential fear emerges in their themes. In this sense, the events and portraits of “Threads” best embody their approach to storytelling.


Threads, 1984, Movie Poster US for the restored version


Motorsav Live

As a final gift before concluding, Rune allows us to film the live concert at Basement CPH and give you a taste of this show.


Supporting this event were the bands Bag Lukkede Døre, Seasonal Depression and Jaokbe.

It’s difficult to describe in a few words the current impact of Motorsav on the Danish post-punk scene. Certainly, Rune and the band have brought a unique sound and deep themes developed with a dry and direct horror aesthetic, as few other groups have done. We expect great surprises from the creativity of Rune and Stine in the future, and we are curious to witness the new developments of their project.


Dødsløse Nætter

Released: February 16, 2024


Where to find it





Track List

  1. Neonvind
  2. Natten Har Tænder
  3. Asfalten Bløder
  4. Et Øjeblik
  5. Stuka Death
  6. Hjerneflimmer
  7. Bløder Ud
  8. Intet Håb 
  9. Den Gule Død
  10. Lemmer Over Alt
  11. Violent Death (Torpedo Zombies cover)
  12. Angst
  13. Sult
  14. Girl U Want (Devo Cover)
  15. You Think You’re A Man (Divine Cover)

A1 to A8 are re-recordings of the debut 12″ Motorsav.
B1, B4 to B5 are re-recordings of the EP Den Gule Død EP.
B2 to B3 are covers of Torpedo Zombies – Selv Ikke Døden Vil Have Os EP.
B6 originally performed by Devo.
B7 originally performed by Divine.


Voice: Rune

Synth/Voce: Stine

Guitar/Voice: Kasper

Bass: Bette Kurt

Drum: Johan



Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Dr. Rock at No Masters Voice, 2023
Graphics: Rune
Released on vinyl by KINK records, 2024

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