Void King : firmano con Argonauta Records

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La stoner doom metal band americana Void King ha firmato con Argonauta Records che ne pubblicherĂ  il nuovo album “The Hidden Hymnal 2”. La band ha dichiarato:

“Working with Argonauta opens many doors for us that might have otherwise been closed, or hard for us to access. Physical media, distro, and getting us into markets that we might not have seen before are all enormous reasons why we are proud to be working with Argonauta on this next release. Putting out a concept record is a risky proposition, but we feel better about that gamble with Gero and his team on our side. It feels good to know that someone sees our vision and wants to support that.

At current time, the band is preparing to play live this summer, starting with a supporting slot for the band Whores. This new batch of songs coming out on the next record are not a departure for us, but they are an evolution of who we were. The songs are cohesive and share an origin story. Each one of them has its own universe, as well as sharing a symbiotic relationship with the other songs on the album. We are excited for people to experience this album as a whole. It should be consumed in its entirety for maximum impact. While the individual songs will do just fine on their own, the record really shines when listened to from start to finish.”


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