Borehead : firmano con Octopus Rising, primo singolo online

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La doom metal band britannica Borehead ha firmato con Octopus Rising. Il gruppo ha dichiarato:

“We’re stoked to be working with Argonauta Records and their new Octopus Rising imprint. Argonauta have such a deep roster of great music and great artists. We’re looking forward to joining them on the journey”

Il primo singolo ‘Zoonosis’ può essere ascoltato qui:

La band ha detto del brano:

“This track is a special one for us as a band. It began its life during lockdown with that monstrous opening bass line written by Stu. Since then it’s evolved and grown, but we’ve always kept it rooted in that same aesthetic and meaning it had from the start – coming to terms with struggle and understanding what it means to struggle, especially in terms of health and mortality. The artwork by our friend and previous collaborator, Edu Canalejo, captured the vibe perfectly and has added another dimension to the track.
Zoonosis has been a staple of our live sets for a couple of years now, so it’s exciting to finally have it recorded and out there in the world.”

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