Wharflurch : “Shittier/Slimier” in uscita il 21 giugno

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La death / doom band americana Wharflurch pubblicherà “Shittier/Slimier”, una raccolta di demo inedite che mettono in mostra il lato più sperimentale e psichedelico del progetto, il 21 giugno su Dawnbreed Records e Gurgling Gore. La band ha dichiarato:

“It was summer 2021. We were all done recording ‘Psychedelic Realms…’, just waiting for it to come out in September… We had finished recording/filming ‘Transmissions…’ months ago, and we had been in the practice shed jamming weekly with no shows in sight until September 3rd, our release date / first show. So we ended up recording the stuff we were working on in a little more primitive mobile studio setup, like we used for ‘Shitslime’. After that was recorded, it was pretty much forgotten about… Until sometime in mid-late 2022, the tracks were rediscovered, and in the wake ov the band’s physical dissolution, overdubbing guitars and synths and vocals began in earnest effort to shape something out ov this incredible harnessed chaos we happened to capture.
As more and more writing went into these ‘”demos’, the more the psychedelic production and expansive song structures began to coalesce into something more horrifyingly magical, showing an entirely different side to the FLURCH. This has been forged to be a document in time, a spell cast in the wind, and a psychedelic journey all at once. Voyaging into the depths ov exploratory heavy riffs and otherworldly atmospherics like a Death Metal jam band trying to summon a doomsday comet from beyond”.

Qui sotto potete ascoltare il primo singolo “Death Toll Horror”, più in basso scaletta e copertina dell’album.


1. Shit Rains Down
2. Enochian Curse
3. Death Toll Horror
4. Headless God
5. The Empty Spaces
6. Wormwood Palace
7. From Ixaxaar to Xibalba




Dawnbreed Records




Gurgling Gore




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