Ancient Curse : firmano con El Puerto Records

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I prog power metallers Ancient Curse hanno firmato con l’etichetta El Puerto Records che ne pubblicherà il nuovo album il prossimo autunno.

La band ha dichiarato:

“We at Ancient Curse are totally happy to be part of the El Puerto family and are delighted to have the opportunity to release our new album and hopefully many more on this dedicated label with a team of individualists and scene connoisseurs. We put all our heart and soul into our music and in El Puerto we have found a partner who recognizes that. We are excited about what lies ahead of us on this joint path away from the mainstream!”

Bernd Stelzer, boss di El Puerto Records, ha detto:

“It is with great pride and pleasure that I can announce the
power metal band Ancient Curse on board with El Puerto Records.
I have known and admired the band since the 90s. The conversations we’ve had so far and the new album in the bag promise an exceptional release later this year!” 


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