The HMW adventure began in Italy in 2003, but we often feel the need to have something to read in other languages too, and we decided in this session to think about foreign metalheads. You are welcome!

Helloween – Dani Loeble

HELLOWEEN – THE EAGLE HAS LANDED We’ve had several opportunities in the past to interview some of the seven members who now are part of the new Helloween. But to understand what we have in our hands today we have to go back with the memory to the first times we listened to the Hamburg Pumpkins. Each one of us maybe has his own favourite … Leggi tutto

IRONBOUND – The Lightbringer


Preface The main reason for heavy metal’s existence until nowadays, almost 50 years after its birth, is its groups persistence to traditional metal forms. The fact that so many bands emphasize for the traditional ‘80s & ‘90s metal sound, contempting modern trends, has created a core of die hard fans who, all together (bands & fans), have contributed to the revival of the retro movement … Leggi tutto

Ария – Сергей Попов / Михаил Житняков / Владимир Холстинин


Ария – Русские Улицы Роз “Ария” – одна из самых известных российских хэви-метал групп, что заслужила в народе имя “Русской Iron Maiden”. Вы уже имели возможность прочитать о них на страницах HMW. Мы всегда старались следовать за творчеством этой недооцененной за рубежом группы. Мы встретились с тремя членами группы ради беседы, в ходе которой мы смогли узнать лучше, как много стоит за такой большой группой, … Leggi tutto

Ария (ARIA) – Sergey Popov / Michail Zitnjakov / Vladimir Holstinin ENG


Ария – The Ulitza Ros Russians Ария (Aria) is one of the most famous Russian heavy metal bands, and they are called the Russian Iron Maiden. You may have already had a chance to read about them in the pages of HMW. We’ve always tried to follow them and to give space to a band underestimated for many reasons, starting from the lyrics in their … Leggi tutto

ARTILLERY – Michael Stützer


ARTILLERY – The old school is alive Artillery is an old school band that has several lineup changes, never achieved huge success, but are still on the scene after almost 40 years. Their importance in the European and worldwide thrash metal sound is great and following the review of their tenth studio album titled X, we decided to intercept Michael Stützer, one of the historical … Leggi tutto


BLACK DIAMONDS – The Glam Hotel      Even if there are no concerts nowadays, the music world doesn’t stop! Musicians are more active than ever and new works keep coming out. We had a nice chat with Manu Peng from Black Diamonds, whom I thank for the time they dedicated to us. Thanks also to Eddy Freiberger of Metalapolis Records for giving us this … Leggi tutto

GRAVE DIGGER – Chris Boltendahl – ENG

Grave Digger

GRAVE DIGGER: SPILL THE BLOOD Versione in Italiano qui We have many opportunities to interview lots of bands and many different characters. Having had “Fields of Blood” as Top Album, I thought it might be a good idea to have a chat with an icon of European metal scene . Already a guest of our pages, we intercepted Chris Boltendahl, a true pioneer and international … Leggi tutto



DESTRUCTION – Thrash Till Till Death INTERVISTA IN ITALIANO: QUI! Time to wait. Time for quarantene. In Italy, as well as in Europe and somehow in all the world, we are all lockdowned. Hard times for artists who wants to play live and for fans who wants to go to concerts. But there is a good chance to have time to listen a lot to … Leggi tutto


serpent lord

SERPENT LORD : Are You Ready To Be Damned? INTERVISTA IN ITALIANO QUI Both with their demo and their first album, the greek band Serpent Lord had impressed me positively: We couldn’t do it in the past but, now that the opportunity has presented again, we joined the band for an interview from the beginning to the present day, looking towards the future! While not … Leggi tutto

DYNAZTY- Nils Molin – ENG


Dynazty : Tales from the North Intervista in Italiano qui Having the opportunity and the honour of being able to interview one of my favourite groups is not something that happens every day. Excited? Yes, very much! I’d like to thank AFM Records and Nils Molin for their availability and time. A big thank you to Ivan Gaudenzi; enjoy reading! Hi guys.. nice to meet … Leggi tutto