The HMW adventure began in Italy in 2003, but we often feel the need to have something to read in other languages too, and we decided in this session to think about foreign metalheads. You are welcome!



DESTRUCTION – Thrash Till Till Death INTERVISTA IN ITALIANO: QUI! Time to wait. Time for quarantene. In Italy, as well as in Europe and somehow in all the world, we are all lockdowned. Hard times for artists who wants to play live and for fans who wants to go to concerts. But there is a good chance to have time to listen a lot to … Leggi tutto


serpent lord

SERPENT LORD : Are You Ready To Be Damned? INTERVISTA IN ITALIANO QUI Both with their demo and their first album, the greek band Serpent Lord had impressed me positively: We couldn’t do it in the past but, now that the opportunity has presented again, we joined the band for an interview from the beginning to the present day, looking towards the future! While not … Leggi tutto

DYNAZTY- Nils Molin – ENG


Dynazty : Tales from the North Intervista in Italiano qui Having the opportunity and the honour of being able to interview one of my favourite groups is not something that happens every day. Excited? Yes, very much! I’d like to thank AFM Records and Nils Molin for their availability and time. A big thank you to Ivan Gaudenzi; enjoy reading! Hi guys.. nice to meet … Leggi tutto

CIRITH UNGOL – Robert Garven – ENG

Cirith Ungol Forever Black interview

CIRITH UNGOL : Master’s Return! Interview in italian here A dream come true. These are the perfect words to describe what I think effectively: I have been a Cirith Ungol fan since I discovered heavy metal and, honestly, after the separation of the early nineties, I could only dream of a return like this! We are in April 2020, I reviewed the new and awesome … Leggi tutto