Riot V : completata la line-up per il tour europeo

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I Riot V hanno reclutato il chitarrista ventiseienne Nick Lee per il loro imminente tour. Mike Flyntz ha detto:

“I have decided to have guitarist Nick Lee join us on the live shows in Europe.

The decision whether to add a guitarist or try it myself was very difficult. We did play some shows without Mark when he was sick. Although they went as well as could be expected given the circumstances, I felt it was better for the music to add a second guitarist, as Mark added me in 1989.

It is very important to me that everyone knows that Nick is not Mark’s replacement. Mark Reale can never be replaced. I will be taking on Mark’s parts and Nick will be doing most of my parts.

Nick studied with me weekly from ages 9 to 17.

Nick has always been a perfectionist and has always poured his heart into his music. He is a great writer and performer. I am very proud of him. He lives and breathes music and is one with his guitar. He has met Mark and saw us play live.

Nick and I are sitting and practicing in the same room at my school where Mark and I practiced and wrote for 19 years.

I know there is no one else better matched to come in and help us recreate the RIOT sound. After the first rehearsal, I was convinced that we are doing the right thing by carrying on Mark’s music and legacy.

Mark’s dad Tony has been involved and has advised me with every step and in all the decision-making and it has been crucial to us that we have his blessing.

At our first rehearsal playing our opener ‘Narita’, I actually shed a tear hearing the song that I had played so many years side by side with Mark, but know the band will shine on in his honor and not disappoint the diehard fans.”

I tour dei Riot V partirà da Brescia e si concluderà a Salonicco, Grecia: una volta rientrati a casa i Riot V inizieranno a registrare il nuovo album, atteso per l’estate. La lineup che sarà in tour conta su Mike Flyntz (chitarra), il bassista/songwriter Don Van Stavern (“Thundersteel”, “Privilege Of Power”, “Immortal Soul”), il nuovo cantante Todd Michael Hall (Burning Starr, Reverence) ed il batterista Frank Gilchriest (Virgin Steele, Liege Lord e già al lavoro su “Army Of One”).


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