Chaos Theory : in arrivo il nuovo EP

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I CHAOS THEORY, Metal band trentina, ritornano sulle scene dopo il buon successo del loro primo album “Bio-Death”, uscito nell’estate del 2012. La band rivela il titolo e l’artwork del nuovo EP ‘The Dark Side of Me” la cui uscita è attesa per i primi mesi di quest’anno!

Questo l’annuncio: “Hail Maniacs! After months spent in silence and exile, after promising we’re making, creating and shaping with our fucking hands something new, for you… After all of this, we’ve got the proof that we’re not lying… we’re glad to announce our new EP is titled “THE DARK SIDE OF ME” and this is the artwork! It is recorded, mixed and mastered and ready to be printed… DARK SIDE OF ME IS COMING SOON!

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Chaos Theory

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