While Heaven Wept : in studio per registrare

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Dopo due anni spesi nella pre-produzione dei nuovi brani, i While Heaven Wept sono entrati in studio per iniziare a registrare il primo di due nuovi album: intitolato “Suspended At Aphelion”, uscirà entro fine 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. Tom Phillipsha detto:

“If ‘Fear Of Infinity’ was our ‘Caress Of Steel’, ‘Suspended At Aphelion’ is without question our ‘2112’ — and anyone familiar with the stories behind those Rush albums will understand that where we’re coming from is very similar, both musically and circumstantially.

‘Suspended At Aphelion’ is the culmination of 25 years and embodies everything that While Heaven Wept has ever represented — yet so much more; it’s everything we’ve got to give in our hearts and souls. The album really is, quite simply, the greatest EPIC in our canon in that it is a single, 40-plus-minute monolith divided into 11 parts — in the tradition of the aforementioned ‘2112’ and our own ‘The Furthest Shore’, ‘Finality’ and ‘Thus With A Kiss I Die’, amongst others. Yet, musically… while clearly this is While Heaven Wept… it’s very much beyond anything else we’ve ever done… VERY progressive, but in a harmonic sense more than the technical.

The bottom line is, if you enjoyed those aforementioned ‘mini-epics’ — or the ‘Vast Oceans Lachrymose’ album, for that matter — then this is the elevation and evolution several years beyond those. We’ve approached this one as if it were to be our last — so again, it’s everything we’ve got!”


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