Coroner : Marky Edelmann lascia la band

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Il batterista dei Coroner Marky Edelmann (a.k.a. Marquis Marky) ha annunciato la sua uscita dalla band attraverso il comunicato qui sotto. I Coroner proseguiranno le loro attività con un nuovo drummer, la cui identità non è ancora stata annunciata.

“Dear friends,

Three years ago we started rehearsing together for our reunion tour after a break of 15 years. We thought it was going to be a matter of a few shows. Now, after three years, we have performed 27 shows all over the world! I cannot find the words to describe how much i enjoyed every single gig.

I want to thank every single one of you for coming to the shows and giving us such a fantastic time. It was a great pleasure to perform for you, shake your hands and sometimes have a drink and a chat after the show.

Many thanks to all the promoters that booked us; without you, we would still be sitting in our bunker rehearsing.

I’m very sorry the shows we had hoped to do in Mexico, South America, Japan and Australia never happened. I was looking forward to those very much…

The following is not easy to say, and believe me, I have given it a lot of thought.

I will leave Coroner at the end of February this year.

I think we have played more than enough reunion shows and now it’s time to either stop doing reunion shows or to move on with a new album. For me, it was clear from the start that I didn’t want to record another album. I love the sound of Coroner , but for me, it’s the moment to explore new sounds without the weight of the past on my shoulders.

Ron [Broder, a.k.a. Ron Royce, bass/vocals], Tommy [Vetterli, a.k.a. Tommy T. Baron, guitar] and I agreed that Coroner should continue with another drummer. They will announce who it’s going to be on the Coroner reunion page.

With all my heart, I wish ‘em all the best for the future. We will be brothers forever.

I will continue with a new band that you will hear about in the near future.

So thank you all once more and I hope we are gonna see you very soon!”


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