Exciter : John Ricci esce dalla band

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I canadesi Exciter hanno rilasciato il seguente comunicato in cui annunciano l’uscita dalla band ed il ritiro dalle scene del chitarrista John Ricci:

“It is with a heavy heart that Exciter announces the departure of guitarist John Ricci.

After 30 ass-kicking years in the music business, John has decided to retire, leaving longtime members Rik Charron (drums), Clammy (bass), and Kenny Winter (vocals) to carry on the Exciter legacy.

As one of the founding members of the band, John was a driving force behind Exciter’s genre-defining albums including the ground breaking ‘Heavy Metal Maniac’ (1983), ‘Violence And Force’ (1984), and ‘Long Live the Loud’ (1985). As part of the modern era of Exciter, his unique, manic, style propelled Exciter’s comeback album ‘The Dark Command’ (1996) along with ‘Blood Of Tyrants’ (2000), ‘Thrash Speed Burn’ (2008) and ‘Death Machine’ (2010).

Exciter wishes John the very best in his future endeavors and invites all you metal maniacs to continue pounding metal with us in 2014 and beyond!”


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