Infectus 13 : nuovo progetto dell’ex Overkill Sid Falck

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Infectus 13 è il nome del nuovo progetto da studio del batterista Sid Falck (Overkill, Battlezone).

Secondo un comunicato stampa, il progetto Infectus 13 ripartirà da dove Sid si era fermato dopo la sua uscita dagli Overkill nel 1992 ma, come dichiarato dallo stesso drummer, con “all the new influences and inspirations of the years since then. However it may turn out, It will be aggressive … It WILL be hard hitting!! All the while trying to maintain the ideals and the integrity that guided the music in those days. It will not be a recording of ‘Sid with friends’… and it will NOT be Overkill v. 2. The idea is to have a lineup of musicians with whom Sid would have loved to jam and write with had they been known to him ‘back in the day,’ each musician bringing their individual talents and inspirations to the table, and, hopefully, collectively creating something that will truly excite everyone.”

In merito alla lineup ha aggiunto:

“You know, there are so many unbelievable musicians out there whom I would just absolutely give my right arm to get a chance to jam and write with.

I have approached a few people with the basic idea of this project and their possible involvement, and I have gotten a somewhat surprising and unbelievably positive response from them.

I am trying to really keep things under wraps for at least a little while longer, not to try and create some kind of dramatic anticipation — I’m not famous enough for that — but simply to try and make sure everything is going to pan out, because if it’s not… It’s one thing if I fall on my ass, I don’t want to take anyone else with me. I can say that these people are musicians I have had no musical interaction with in the past.

It would be really easy to just try and hook up with people from my past with a somewhat proven track record, write a couple of tunes, and release them and call it Overkill 2 or something. But that would kind of defeat the purpose of this whole thing. These will be people I admire for various reasons, and given my current health issues, this project is extremely important and special to me, so… if I offend some of the people that have appreciated my past work by not inviting the musicians of their choice, I’m very sorry.

I am definitely not trying to sound arrogant, but this project is, for me, to kind of help me close the musical chapter of my life the way I feel it should be.”

Questa la lineup:

Bob Barnak – Vocals
Janna Jordan-Squires – Guitar
Eric Rose – Bass
Sid Falck – Drums

La cover version di “Paint It Black” dei Rolling Stones può essere ascoltata qui:



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