Damnation Plan : online il video della title track

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Damnation Plan: video della title track “The Wakening” disponibile

I finlandesi Damnation Plan hanno appena reso disponibile un lyrics video della title track “The Wakening” percelebrare il primo anniversario dell’album uscito il 12 marzo 2013 via Coroner Records.

Jarkko Lunnas (batteria) ha così commentato:

There was a lot of effort put to the lyrics of the album, and these days when not many gets the physical album anymore and reads the lyrics from the booklet, we decided to put them up front in form of a music video.

About the lyrics of the song and the album…A lot of it deals with that people in general don’t seem to care what happens in the world until it’s their own life on the line and when the shit has alre ady hit the fan. The whole current enonomic system is based on growth, everybody wants more, yet the population growth keeps on increasing, putting an expontentially growing debt on resources which are already on minus. No one reacts to the big picture. The scenario is that people while get their final wakening the moment when it’s already too late, and it is inevitable with the current phase. One of the problems is that politicians don’t think long term. What only matters is do they get elected for their next season. Despite all the information and evidence available to everybody we seem to allow history to repeat itself and we learn nothing.

Se non riesci a vedere il video clicca sul seguente link:


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