The Dagger : nel roster di Century Media Records

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Century Media Records ha annunciato la firma di un deal con gli svedesi The Dagger, band in cui militano membri di Dismember, Grave e Sideburn. Questa la lineup:

* Jani Kataja (Sideburn) – Vocals
* Fred Estby (Necronaut, ex Dismember) – Drums
* David Blomqvist (ex Dismember) – Electric Guitar
* Tobias Cristiansson (Grave, ex Dismember) – Electric Bass

Jens Prüter di Century Media Records Europe ha commentato:

“Everybody likes classic hard rock. Even Swedish death metal guys or German punks like me.

I’ve already been a fan of The Dagger‘s first 7″ and was completely stoked when I heard a rough mix of ‘Ballad Of An Old Man’ in Stockholm last year.

There is a lot of bands hailing classic hard rock and heavy metal, but just a few are able to write classic songs and just a very few have such gifted vocalist like Jani.

I’m glad to welcome The Dagger to the label and hope you will like it as much as we do.”


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